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Throwback | Tony Desouza & Cholitzu

Reminiscing on old school Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts is nothing short of a guilty pleasure of mine. Many champions and contenders have come and gone, but the truly unique competitors are never forgotten. Today's entry happens to be Tony Desouza, the enigmatic grappler, UFC Veteran, and founder of "Cholitzu."

Some (if any) will remember Tony Desouza as the Wrestling Coach of Team Penn on the 5th season of the Ultimate Fighter. Even fewer will remember him as the creator of the highlight reel worthy "Peruvian Necktie" choke. Tony Desouza was an incredible grappler that successfully blended his collegiate freestyle wrestling base with the exciting Jiu Jitsu method of Nova União. The Peruvian native was no stranger to competition, facing off against the likes of Dean Lister and mounting a successful foray into Mixed Martial Arts.

However, outside of the arena of BJJ and MMA, Tony Desouza was a man that held a deep love for his country and the native culture deep within it's mountains. Rather than catapulting into a career of teaching Jiu Jitsu within the United States, Tony Desouza returned to Peru and delivered the Martial Art to some of it's most remote communities. Tony Desouza was a man that truly believed in the Self Defense ethos of Jiu Jitsu and chose a path outside the limelight in order to serve others...for that, he should be remembered.

The Mario Sperry Jiu-Jitsu of Ohio family remains dedicated to delivering old school Jiu Jitsu to the Greater Youngstown Area. Our Canfield, OH facility is open to all newcomers of all ages. We look forward to training with you!

Michael Chiovitti

Head Trainer & Co-founder

Mario Sperry Jiu-Jitsu of Ohio

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