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Our Affiliation

The Mario Sperry Jiu-Jitsu Affiliation is a close-knit community driven to promote high level instruction and celebrate the unrivaled accomplishments of Master Mario Sperry.  Our fantastic team is predicated on respect, integrity, and an undeniable competitive mindset.  It is truly an honor to represent this great affiliation within the U.S. 

- James Simon

Co-owner / Operator

About the "Zen Machine" - Mario Sperry

Master Mario Sperry is widely considered to be an icon within Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.  Currently he is a 6th Degree black belt under the legendary Carlson Gracie and was one of the major title holders within the highly acclaimed Carlson Gracie Competition Team.  Master Mario Sperry is considered to be one of the most decorated competitors of all time capturing 3 Brazilian Championships, 3 World Championships, and a large number of accolades from the prestigious ADCC Championships.

In addition to his impressive competitive accomplishments, Master Mario Sperry was the founder of Sul Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Top Team (BTT).  These organizations later became major players within the "Golden Age of MMA," with many competitors and fighters counting themselves as students of Master Sperry.  Master Sperry still competes to this day and often carries the distinction of serving as coach to many notable fighters (Luke Rockhold, Rashad Evans, Alister Overeem among others).  He is also an entrepreneur and holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics.

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